Wu Fu Wang Ye

WU FU WANG YE five Princes of five Princes Li, the pool, Wu, Chu, van and four other statue.

Deep in folk belief.

Five Princes, on behalf of heaven, concerned conducted five Chitose, also known as master Chitose, Chitose at Government House.

Mandate by the Jade Emperor God in heaven, that protracted review of good and evil in the world, the so-called “concerned conducted the hunting on behalf of heaven.” Tai Wong ye Li, two Princes named pool, three Princes surnamed Wu, four Princes named Zhu, five Princes surnamed fan, both for the people of sui and Tang dynasty years. Li Gong di taboo light, Yang person, and funding practice martial arts and Chi Gong dreaming Biao, wugongxiaokuan, Zhu Gongshu Yu, Fan Gongcheng, efficiency in Taoyuan, pronounce shengsizhijiao, loyalty, and friendship Tuk compatriots. Tang Gaozu entry, done, Rotary earn Jinchuan Li Gong di SIMA, pool, Wu and Chu, Fan Sigong, Dou Wei and delegate. After Lee liangzhou Dudu, and West to appease the Ambassador. Li Gong di Gong Jian Zhong would like to pool public Shen Yigang, Wu Gong blown up out, zhufanergong are integrity, and said in the world. After the rose, super delegate rank concerned conducted the hunting on behalf of heaven against evil vapor, to defend the Royal-disaster, designer Guo Youmin, desirable praise worship throughout, and universal respect

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